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Boys Council 

Boys’ Council is a mentoring and healthy lifestyles program for male youths ages 9-13.

What is it ?

This program is facilitated by one of Sow A Seed’s male group facilitators, trained by the One Circle Foundation. Boys meet weekly for 6-8 weeks for fun and interactive activities that focus on social-emotional messages, experiences, attitudes, and smart options for growing up male in our culture.


We also promote; healthy competition, anti-bullying, recognizing and expressing emotions, male role expectations, self-confidence, and teamwork. These topics are highlighted through group discussions, activities, and games. Boys will develop vocabulary and skills to expect and enact fairness, express oneself appropriately, and respect for self and others.


Due to COVID-19, this program is now being offered online! For more information about our program, contact Sow A Seed’s office today.


who is it for?

Boys ages 9-13,  who are in need of a safe space to discuss ideas and emotions and address an array of harsh realities that help to create healthy options for growing up male. 

Registering for the Boys Council program is easy - just fill out the form  and a staff member will contact you with the date, time, and meeting information for this program

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