Mr. Alen was born in Mexico City, Mexico, and raised in Stockton, California with his parents, two
brothers and a sister.

He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in psychology while also enjoying the beach and forest at UC Santa
Cruz. While in college, Alen realized his passion for helping others out in any capacity, including youth
within his communities. He strongly believes that “the youth are our future” and desire to be a catalyst
for change in the lives of the young people he works with.

Alen has worked with Sow-A-Seed Community Foundation for over two years as a Campus Support
Specialist, and has worked on the school campuses of Franklin High School in Stockton, Montezuma
Elementary, and has also been a Facilitator and Case Manager for our after school program at Kennedy
Community Center.

Alen’s strong qualities make him a good fit to handle the social-emotional development of the youth
that he mentors. He is bilingual, being a native Spanish-speaker. He is very adaptable as shown in his
commitment to transition, working from the elementary level to the high school level. In addition, he
excels at facilitating groups, which is an integral component to the work done at Sow A Seed. Without a
doubt, students describe Alen as very approachable. He does so by putting himself out there, being a
young vibrant soul, very relatable, and takes the initiative in handling students’ needs when needing to.
Alen’s favorite food chicken wings, he enjoys traveling and is a big fan of Marvel comics.

Mr. Alen

Mr. Brian

Mr. Brian is a native of California. He and his wife Laura, have been residents of Tracy, CA since 1991. Brian attended De La Salle High School in Concord, CA, and received his BS in Business Administration, with a Marketing Concentration, from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly).

Brian has 30 years of experience working in the Medical/Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Consumer Goods, Mortgage, and Consulting Industries. From the vast experiences Brian has encountered and the positive guidance from mentors throughout his life, these influences have helped him define his passions and involvement with many causes and initiatives that affect our communities.

Brian is the Founder of Tracy United To Make A Difference, whose goal is to unite and uplift the community through collaborative, communicative, and cooperative efforts with schools, businesses, non-profits, service organizations, government officials, religious organizations, and citizens.   In addition to Tracy United to Make a Difference, Brian is and also very deeply rooted in many community organizations in Tracy where he serves as a: board member, volunteer, or committed member.


Brian brings his passion for collaborative community involvement to Sow A Seed Community Foundation where he works as the Outreach Program Manager.

Brian’s motto is, “Individually we can all make a difference, collectively we can create lasting change.”

Brittany Lambert has been a passionate pioneer for the youth and families in our community for

10+ years servicing counties from the Bay Area to the San Joaquin Valley. Working closely with at-risk youth, she is passionate about being a part of the solution by sowing seeds early on in the livers of youths to provide social and emotional skills to help navigate them through life.


Miss Brittany has had her hands and heart in campus support, case management, one-on-one

mentoring, cognitive behavioral facilitation, and has provided services on school sites, in juvenile hall, and adult probation facilities.


With a steady balance of coping mechanisms through trauma and accountability using the

restorative justice practice, Miss Brittany's mission is to help children and young adults facing trauma. 

Her ultimate goal is to make sure that these young people never go unnoticed and that they will always have a safe place with her to find support, resources, guidance, and sometimes... just an ear. 

Miss Brittany

Mr. Christian

Mr. Christian was born and raised in Stockton CA.  Christian’s mother fostered children, so from a young age, Christian grew up in a household surrounded by kids of all ages, diversities, and behaviors. It was that life experience of watching his mom taking care of kids that sparked his interest to work with youth.

Christian has 12 years of experience in youth development, and has worked with youths within their communities, schools, organizations, peer groups, and families by mentoring, case managing, and providing the social and emotional support that so many youths lack. Christian’s goals for the youth he works with is to help youth become the best person they can be.

Christian has been a Campus Support Specialist with Sow A Seed Community Foundation since 2016, providing support for youth in a school-based setting in addition to working a second job as a Family Specialist which serves families in adoption /foster care. 

Receiving the inspiration to work with kids from his mother, Christian has great gratitude and appreciation for the work that he does, and he looks forward to his continued efforts to mentor and help the youth in his community.

Miss Dale serves as Associate Director of Sow A Seed Community Foundation. She has partnered with the organization since 2014.

Dale holds a B.S. in Business Administration from California State, East Bay. She is a versatile accounting
and finance professional with over twenty-five years of experience in public and non-profit sectors
overseeing, payroll, bookkeeping, forecasting, audits, and budgeting, as well as human resources, facility
management, and procurement. From her diverse experiences throughout her career, Dale is a dynamic
manager with a broad knowledge of organizational management, she is a hands-on problem solver
dedicated to solving any issue and getting things running smoothly.

Dale says, “In having the experience working in both for-profit and non-profit environments, I genuinely
feel blessed doing non-profit work. At Sow A Seed, we've helped countless at-risk youth transform their
lives within the community. Making an impact on the lives of others is a very rewarding experience”.


Miss Dale

Mr. Jose

Mr. Jose is a husband and father of four. He graduated from the University of the Pacific with a
B.A. degree in Psychology in 2003.

He has an extensive history working with youth from the ages of 9 – 18 which includes positions as:
Case Manager; Parenting Class Facilitator; Sand Play Therapist; Juvenile Probation Officer. Through his
work history, Jose has refined his skills working with difficult to reach kids.

Jose is excited to work at Sow A Seed Community Foundation as a Campus Support Specialist.
During his first year, he was assigned to his alma mater, Franklin High School. He proudly comments “It
was a great experience to work with the kids at the school where I graduated”. As a Campus Support
Specialist, Jose is a mentor and helps students improve their social, emotional, and academic skills. Jose
is also a Case Manager for our Positive Youth Justice Initiative program.

Jose is passionate about working with youth and looks forward to working with each new school year's
group of kids. He prides himself on his patience, temperament and life experiences that allow him to
connect and empathize with all youth. His goal for all of the kids he works with is to give them lifelong
skills to meet and overcome any and all life's challenges.

Miss Kayla 

Miss Kayla was born and raised in Stockton CA. She received a full-ride softball scholarship from
Langston University where she obtained her Bachelor's in Corrections and Criminal Justice. After earning
her college degree, Kayla began working in the juvenile justice system. It was there that she found her
passion for working with youth. In her time working there, she felt a strong drive to help the youth heal
and thrive rather than seeing them locked up. That’s when Kayla decided to return to school to pursue
her Master’s degree in Counseling and Forensic Psychology. She is currently a student at Holy Names

Kayla has worked with Sow A Seed Community Foundation for 3 years as a Campus Support Specialist
working on several elementary school campuses in Tracy and Stockton, as well as our Staff Lead for our
afterschool program at Kennedy Community Center. Kayla enjoys facilitating youth groups and is thrilled
when she witnesses her students to utilize the tools that she teaches in their daily lives. Upon completion
of her Master’s Degree Kayla plans to return to juvenile justice system as a youth therapist.

Mr. Kevin

Mr. Kevin has worked in the community as a mentor, advocate, and life coach for youth and adults
for over 20 years.

Kevin has been with Sow A Seed Community Foundation since 2009. Currently, he is the Lead
Trainer/Facilitator and oversees and facilitates programs such as Youth Mental Health First Aid, Trauma
Informed Care, ACE’s, and CBT programs such as Fresh Start Thinking, Controlling Your Thoughts and
Restorative Practices. Kevin also works with the Juvenile Justice System and on school sites to help at-
risk youth navigate through life challenges.

In addition to his work as Lead Trainer/ Facilitator, Kevin works with national and county organizations
such as Friday Night Live, San Joaquin Juvenile Justice, Public Health, and Boys and Girls Club where he
works with youth promoting Anti-Vaping, Gambling awareness, and Human Trafficking Awareness.
Kevin’s vast years of experience in community youth development is evidence of his passion for helping
youth thrive and succeed. Kevin believes that with good community support, care, and guide young
people are able to redeem prior actions, develop and reach their full potential.

Our Program Manager, Lauren Martinez Cruz is a human service professional that understands that success for the clients varies and believes in being a support for clients as they progress towards self-identified goals to becoming productive and happy adults. This is her 7th year working in the human services field. 


She attended the University of Phoenix and graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Services with a concentration in management.  Lauren most recently began to pursue furthering her education in pursuit of her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with Grand Canyon University.


Throughout her experience in mental health and human services, Lauren has acquired a love and enthusiasm for assisting clients as they progress towards reaching their goals and building skills to have productive and fulfilling lives.

Miss Lauren

Our Clinical Manager, Dr. Sterling is a Bay Area native from Oakland California.  She is a human behavioral researcher with more than 15 years of experience working with people of all ages. Dr. Sterling is very proactive in supporting the underserved population and uplifting the community.


She completed her undergraduate degree at California State University, East Bay in Human Development with an additional Childhood option. She earned her Masters of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Holy Names University and went on to earn her Doctorate in Advanced Human Behavior from Capella University.  She has obtained numerous honors, awards, and recognition for her outstanding work over the years in behavioral health, public service, and academia.


Dr. Sterling is very compassionate while helping people with overcoming adversities and reaching their resilience. She is empathic, kind-spirited, hardworking, and passionate about the impact that she has on others’ lives.  Dr. Sterling’s ambition is to continuously help people stabilize their foundations in an effort to grow, blossom, and reach their full potential. She states that “There is nothing more rewarding than to see the aftermath of a beautiful garden that you helped nurture and grow.”

Dr. Sterling

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