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Anger Management

This group is designed to help youth recognize and normalize anger.  The goal is to teach acceptable ways of expressing anger.  By gaining a better understanding of self, we help youth learn to better control their anger so that it does not lead to violent outbursts.  In addition, youth will learn different ways of stress management and improve emotional intelligence.  

What is it?

Our Anger Management workshop will give youth a constructive approach. Participants will learn how to identify their anger triggers and what to do when they get angry. Youth enrolled in this program will discover how to manage anger effectively and turn it into a valuable asset and a positive tool.  


This youth group meets once a week for 6 - 8 weeks.


who is it for?

The program is for any youth ages 9 – 18 who experience one or more of the instances below:
•    Feels angry frequently. 
•    Allows their anger to control them rather than the other way around.
•    Exhibits unhealthy anger that is characterized by a lack of control. 
•    Verbally or physically attacks other people or objects when they get angry, 
•    The smallest things set them off to full-blown anger. 

Registering for the Anger Management program is easy - just fill out the form  and a staff member will contact you with the date, time, and meeting information for this program

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