Our Bright Futures Youth Development Program incorporates youth development and mentoring programs that actively promote healthy lifestyle choices as well as emotional, social, and or physical development. Programs under the Bright Futures umbrella serve as both prevention and intervention methods for youth between the ages of 9-18.

Once enrolled in any of our programs, youth have continual support opportunities through our mentoring activities which offer adult guidance and structured activities.  Our programs, activities, and workshops include the following:

Bright Futures Youth Mentoring

Our Bright Futures Youth Mentoring Program provides weekly group mentoring programs and monthly outings for youth ages 11-18. 

Girl Circle

Fun and interactive workshops for girls ages 10-13, that help girls: Learn to set and achieve goals; Make healthy lifestyle choices; communicate with confidence; Live their best life!  A new theme is introduced every 8-10 weeks.

Fresh Start Thinking

Stress and Conflict Management

Fresh Start Thinking is an evidence-based program for integrated cognitive behavior change in youth. 


Be A Mentor or Volunteer

Share your time and talents and volunteer with us...  Bring your existing skills or learn new skills.   Whether it's office administration, assisting at an event, or being a mentor.  We can use your support.




Conference Series

A full-day conference promoting essential topics such as career exploration, essential life skills, roper communication, conflict resolution, stress and anger management, problem solving and goal setting for young men ages 11-18. 

Boys Council

Mentoring and healthy lifestyles program for boys ages 10 - 13. Boys meet weekly for 8-10 weeks for fun and interactive activities that focus on: Setting and achieving goals; Healthly lifestyle choices; Healthy competition; Bullying; Healthy competition and more


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"Nothing you do for children
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