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To empower youth and their families with the education, programs, and resources needed to overcome social and emotional challenges so they can lead healthy self-sufficient lives.

We provide mentoring and mental health services and social-emotional learning programs to kids in schools and community settings. We connect kids with caring adult mentors, mental health specialists, and licensed clinicians in a stigma-free environment so they can get build their skills and access the care and services that every child deserves.

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Community Foundation

 Co-ed and Gender-Based Programs

Girls Circle

A structured support group for girls which integrates relational theory, resiliency
practices, and skills training in a format that increases positive connections, self-esteem, and personal strength in girls.

Fresh Start Thinking

An evidence-based program for integrated cognitive behavior
change program for youth.  Facilitated group settings and activities to support cognitive restructuring, social skills development, a goal-setting workshop, and problem solving skills development.

Boys Council

Young men gain the vital
opportunity to address masculine definitions and behaviors and build their capacities to
find their innate value and create good lives - individually and collectively.

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School-Based and Community-Centered Programs

School and Community Center programs connect students, parents, and school staff to resources that improve the student's experience and outcomes. Through promising practices and evidence-based models, we provide intervention and prevention programs that give youth an opportunity to navigate personal and academic obstacles, learn pro-social skills, and make healthy lifestyle choices.  


Priority was typically given to youth who are deemed at-risk for dropping out and/or being expelled due to issues with truancy, alleged drug or alcohol use, anger and impulse control, or other behavioral concerns. Once enrolled in any of our programs, youth have continual support opportunities through both on-campus and community mentoring activities that offer adult guidance and structured activities. 

Sow A Seed
Community Foundation

Youth and Family Development

Email: info@sowaseedcf.org

Phone: 209-229-4559

Registered Charity: CT0199256

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