Young Leaders In Action (Y.L.I.A.)

Young Leaders In Action (YLIA) is a youth-led program designed to build partnerships for positive and healthy youth development.  This youth program also 

engages youth as active leaders in their communities.  

What is it?

This youth-led group encourages and empowers young people as active leaders and community resources. Y.L.I.A. focuses on research, planning, teaching, evaluation, decision-making, and advocacy.  As a member of Y.L.I.A.,  students explore the potential and possibilities of youth voices to make a difference and affect change in community improvement.

Who is it for?

Young Leaders In Action (YLIA) program is designed for high school-aged young people and is motivated by youth-adult partnerships that create essential and powerful opportunities that enhance and improve local communities.

Registering for the Y.L.I.A. program is easy - just fill out the form below and wait for our call.