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Mr. Brian

Mr. Brian is a native of California. He and his wife Laura, have been residents of Tracy, CA since 1991. Brian attended De La Salle High School in Concord, CA, and received his BS in Business Administration, with a Marketing Concentration, from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly).

Brian has 30 years of experience working in the Medical/Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Consumer Goods, Mortgage, and Consulting Industries. From the vast experiences Brian has encountered and the positive guidance from mentors throughout his life, these influences have helped him define his passions and involvement with many causes and initiatives that affect our communities.

Brian is the Founder of Tracy United To Make A Difference, whose goal is to unite and uplift the community through collaborative, communicative, and cooperative efforts with schools, businesses, non-profits, service organizations, government officials, religious organizations, and citizens.   In addition to Tracy United to Make a Difference, Brian is and also very deeply rooted in many community organizations in Tracy where he serves as a: board member, volunteer, or committed member.


Brian brings his passion for collaborative community involvement to Sow A Seed Community Foundation where he works as the Outreach Program Manager.

Brian’s motto is, “Individually we can all make a difference, collectively we can create lasting change.”

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Brittany Lambert has been a passionate pioneer for the youth and families in our community for

10+ years servicing counties from the Bay Area to the San Joaquin Valley. Working closely with at-risk youth, she is passionate about being a part of the solution by sowing seeds early on in the livers of youths to provide social and emotional skills to help navigate them through life.


Miss Brittany has had her hands and heart in campus support, case management, one-on-one

mentoring, cognitive behavioral facilitation, and has provided services on school sites, in juvenile hall, and adult probation facilities.


With a steady balance of coping mechanisms through trauma and accountability using the

restorative justice practice, Miss Brittany's mission is to help children and young adults facing trauma. 

Her ultimate goal is to make sure that these young people never go unnoticed and that they will always have a safe place with her to find support, resources, guidance, and sometimes... just an ear. 

Miss Brittany

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Miss Dale

Miss Dale serves as Associate Director of Sow A Seed Community Foundation. She has partnered with the organization since 2014.

Dale holds a B.S. in Business Administration from California State, East Bay. She is a versatile accounting
and finance professional with over twenty-five years of experience in public and non-profit sectors
overseeing, payroll, bookkeeping, forecasting, audits, and budgeting, as well as human resources, facility
management, and procurement. From her diverse experiences throughout her career, Dale is a dynamic
manager with a broad knowledge of organizational management, she is a hands-on problem solver
dedicated to solving any issue and getting things running smoothly.

Dale says, “In having the experience working in both for-profit and non-profit environments, I genuinely
feel blessed doing non-profit work. At Sow A Seed, we've helped countless at-risk youth transform their
lives within the community. Making an impact on the lives of others is a very rewarding experience”.



Ms. Evelyn serves as an Administrative Assistant at Sow A Seed Community Foundation.

She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies. She is Bilingual, being a native Spanish-speaker. Which she believes is a great asset. This allows her to help the Hispanic families with a language barrier, in need of resource for their youth.


She believes the children are our future, and she says she is delighted to be working for a community foundation such as Sow A Seed that wants the best for our kids.

Miss Evelyn


Miss Erica, is Mexican, Filipino, and Norwegian. She is the middle sibling of 7, She loves pasta and and anything outdoors or nature related, she loves the smell of freshly mowed grass, her favorite season is spring, and her favorite animal is a sloth because why not!


Miss Erica is a native from Stockton Ca. She attended Lincoln high school where she was part of multiple extracurricular activities that enable her to experience people from all walks of life. With each activity she found herself in gaining a perspective she didn’t know before. Polynesian dancing gave her insight on cultural teachings and backgrounds, Boxing taught her conviction and decisiveness, Floral design gave her the gift of paying attention to detail while Basketball taught her the value of working together as a team and mentoring the youth gave her the compassion she needed to best serve. Amongst all her attributes she is reliable, trustworthy, and holds her integrity about all.


She found passion in helping youth evolve and lead them onto paths individually suited for positive lifestyles. She has a background in Youth Counseling where she has assisted in group homes to help the betterment of at-risk youth. Whether the focus be social settings or internal her goal is to help with the cognitive reconstruction of ones thinking and behavioral patterns.

Miss Erica

Lauren Martinez-Cruz photo.jpg

Our Program Manager, Lauren Martinez Cruz is a human service professional that understands that success for the clients varies and believes in being a support for clients as they progress towards self-identified goals to becoming productive and happy adults. This is her 7th year working in the human services field. 


She attended the University of Phoenix and graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Services with a concentration in management.  Lauren most recently began to pursue furthering her education in pursuit of her Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with Grand Canyon University.


Throughout her experience in mental health and human services, Lauren has acquired a love and enthusiasm for assisting clients as they progress towards reaching their goals and building skills to have productive and fulfilling lives.

Miss Lauren

Miss Selene Albor, She is a native from Pleasanton California, that is passionate about helping our youth succeed at life. She holds a BA in Psychology, an AA in Liberal Arts & Sciences: Social & Behavioral Sciences and an AA in Psychology.

As a resilient multi-lingual individual that comes from a first-generation family, she knows firsthand what it means to succeed in the face of adversity and some of the challenges that intersectionality variances may inflict on our lives as we continue to develop. With over five years of experience working with individuals from all backgrounds and age groups, it is her joy, love and passion to assist clients as they blossom into the best version of themselves and overcome any challenges presented in the process.


She seeks to continue expanding her knowledge and experience through pursuing graduate studies and working hands on in order to continue to bring exceptional assistance to our youth here at Sow A Seed.


Miss Selene


Our Clinical Manager, Dr. Sterling is a Bay Area native from Oakland California.  She is a human behavioral researcher with more than 15 years of experience working with people of all ages. Dr. Sterling is very proactive in supporting the underserved population and uplifting the community.


She completed her undergraduate degree at California State University, East Bay in Human Development with an additional Childhood option. She earned her Masters of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Holy Names University and went on to earn her Doctorate in Advanced Human Behavior from Capella University.  She has obtained numerous honors, awards, and recognition for her outstanding work over the years in behavioral health, public service, and academia.


Dr. Sterling is very compassionate while helping people with overcoming adversities and reaching their resilience. She is empathic, kind-spirited, hardworking, and passionate about the impact that she has on others’ lives.  Dr. Sterling’s ambition is to continuously help people stabilize their foundations in an effort to grow, blossom, and reach their full potential. She states that “There is nothing more rewarding than to see the aftermath of a beautiful garden that you helped nurture and grow.”

Dr. Sterling


Miss Virginia Copeland is a youth advocate for Sow A Seed Community Foundation. She is passionate about supporting  young individuals with her high energy, commitment and experience, as they strive to achieve their goals. Her educational background consists of an Associate's degree in childhood education, a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Public Health. She has had experience working with young adults as an afterschool program leader, rehabilitation counselor and a youth group facilitator.

She is eager for this opportunity to work with the youth and  families of Sow A Seed Community Foundation.

Miss Virginia

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