Fresh Start Thinking

This youth group emphasizes effective communication and stress management in problem-solving and conflict management, leading to increased leadership skills such as assertiveness, building and strengthening relationships, and overall self-awareness of their choices.


What is it?

Fresh Start Thinking is an evidence-based program for integrated cognitive behavior change in youth ages 14-18. Students meet in a facilitated group setting for an 8-session interactive course—meeting once per week for two hours and complete homework to support cognitive restructuring, social skills development, a goal-setting workshop, and problem-solving skills development.

Additionally, to ensure the new tools the teens gained are adopted at home, participants engage in a mediation session with their family member(s), and together they discuss barriers to communication at home, work through specific conflicts, and set action plans for future-oriented goals.


*Due to COVID-19, this program is now being offered online! For more information about our program, contact Sow A Seed’s office today.

who is it for?

Teens, ages 14 - 18 who want to grow their mindset, learn new skills and discuss barriers.

Registering for the Fresh Start Thinking program is easy - just fill out the form

a staff member will contact you with the date, time, and meeting information.

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