"The program kept me out of trouble over the summer, instead of going out with my friends and doing stuff that would get me in trouble. The program showed me a lot, how to deal with stress and much more."


"Hey Kayla, thank you for believing in me! And telling me that I can do it!


"The Sow A Seed program has helped me overcome some of my toughest challenges, and they still are helping me. The staff at Sow A Seed is very helpful, respectful and caring. The program in general is just fun and a happy place to be."


"I think the Sow A Seed Summer Program was good because I met new people and learned a lot new things. In the program, I did activities like math and physical education. I also learned that I have a lot in common with my peers, and the staff is cool. Mr. Alan made all the kids connect. I would want to go again if I can."

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